Commit 14d76c9b authored by Frank Bergmann's avatar Frank Bergmann

- Added permissions so that only users with permissions

  can be overwritten
parent c3cab87c
......@@ -417,7 +417,11 @@ foreach csv_line_fields $values_list_of_lists {
if {$ns_write_p} { ns_write "<li>User already exists: $first_names $last_name email='$email'\n" }
if { $overwrite_existing_user_attributes_p || $new_user_p } {
# Check the permission of current_user_id to modify user_id:
im_user_permissions $current_user_id $user_id user_view_p user_read_p user_write_p user_admin_p
if {$user_write_p && ($overwrite_existing_user_attributes_p || $new_user_p)} {
if {$ns_write_p} { ns_write "<li>Going to update the user's contact data\n" }
if {[catch {
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