Commit 6a352e85 authored by Frank Bergmann's avatar Frank Bergmann

- Added "Object Type" before the object types in the select

  for disambiguation, so that "Projektname" doesn't appear
  in German localization
parent 4ce41328
......@@ -11,20 +11,20 @@
<%= [im_select object_type [list \
im_budget_item "Budget Item" \
im_company "Company" \
im_conf_item "Configuration Item" \
im_expense "Expense" \
im_expense_bundle "Expense Bundle" \
im_invoice "Financial Document" \
im_timesheet_task "Gantt Task" \
im_membership "Membership" \
person "Person" \
im_project "Project" \
rels "Relationship: Projects/Tasks - Members " \
im_risk "Risk" \
im_hour "Timesheet Hour" \
im_ticket "Ticket" \
im_budget_item "Object Type: Budget Item" \
im_company "Object Type: Company" \
im_conf_item "Object Type: Configuration Item" \
im_expense "Object Type: Expense" \
im_expense_bundle "Object Type: Expense Bundle" \
im_invoice "Object Type: Financial Document" \
im_timesheet_task "Object Type: Gantt Task" \
im_membership "Object Type: Membership" \
person "Object Type: Person" \
im_project "Object Type: Project" \
rels "Object Type: Relationship: Members of Projects or Gantt Tasks" \
im_risk "Object Type: Risk" \
im_hour "Object Type: Timesheet Hour" \
im_ticket "Object Type: Ticket" \
] $object_type] %>
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