Commit ba648ea7 authored by Frank Bergmann's avatar Frank Bergmann

- Added FEFF bom (byte order mark) check in order to avoid errors with the

  first column
parent 6a352e85
......@@ -82,6 +82,38 @@ set header_len [llength $headers]
set values_lol [im_csv_get_values $lines_content $separator]
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------
# Code set check - detects wrong unicode chars or the beginning of an Excel file...
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------
set max_char 0
set hex_chars {}
foreach char [split $header ""] {
set c [scan $char %c]
if {$c > $max_char} { set max_char $c }
lappend hex_chars [format "%X" $c]
# ad_return_complaint 1 "sep='$separator',<br>header=$header,<br>headers=$headers,<br>max_char=$max_char,<br>hex=$hex_chars "
if {"FEFF" eq [lindex $hex_chars 0]} {
ad_return_complaint 1 "<b>Something is wrong with your CSV file.<br>We found 'FEFF' as the first (invisible) character in your file</b>:<br>
Some text editors add a FEFF 'byte order mark' (BOM) in front of the text.<br>
This format is not supported by \]po\[.<br>
Please use a correctly formatted CSV in UTF-8 format without BOM.
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------
# Continue parsing the header
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------
# Check if there are lines with less then 4 elements
# fraber 160315: Exporting from Excel, the last columns may be shorter
# set error [im_csv_import_check_list_of_lists $values_lol]
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