Commit f111d8ce authored by Frank Bergmann's avatar Frank Bergmann

- Added upgrade scripts

parent 089a5470
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-- upgrade-
SELECT acs_log__debug('/packages/intranet-csv-import/sql/postgresql/upgrade/upgrade-','');
-- A report that shows activities per day
SELECT im_report_new (
'Export Tickets', -- report_name
'csv_export_tickets', -- report_code
'intranet-csv-import', -- package_key
100, -- report_sort_order
(select menu_id from im_menus where label = 'reporting-csv-export'), -- parent_menu_id
'dummy - will be replaced below' -- SQL to execute
update im_menus
set parent_menu_id = (select menu_id from im_menus where label = 'reporting-csv-export')
where name = 'Export Tickets';
update im_reports
set report_sql = '
p_sla.project_nr as sla,
p_ticket.project_nr as ticket_nr,
p_ticket.project_name as ticket_name,
im_category_from_id(t.ticket_status_id) as ticket_status,
im_category_from_id(t.ticket_type_id) as ticket_type,
im_category_from_id(t.ticket_prio_id) as ticket_prio,
im_email_from_user_id(t.ticket_customer_contact_id) as customer_contact,
im_email_from_user_id(t.ticket_assignee_id) as assignee,
p_ticket.start_date::date as date,
im_conf_item_nr_from_id(t.ticket_conf_item_id) as conf_item_nr,
acs_object__name(t.ticket_queue_id) as ticket_queue,
coalesce(p_ticket.note, '') || coalesce(t.ticket_note,'') as note,
coalesce(p_ticket.description, '') || coalesce(t.ticket_description, '') as description,
im_cost_center_code_from_id(t.ticket_dept_id) as department
im_projects p_sla,
im_projects p_ticket,
im_tickets t
p_sla.project_id = p_ticket.parent_id and
p_ticket.project_id = t.ticket_id
order by t.ticket_id
where report_code = 'csv_export_tickets';
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